March 2019   
This Week's Events


UMW Meeting
1:00 PM
The UMW will meet in the upstairs social room of the church.
Bible Search
Mission Fact of the Day
527 of Indonesia's 784 people groups do not have even Bible portions available in their primary language. The largest of these is the Betawi, 7,000,000.
A Rainbow of Caring - TOOLS & BLANKETS Program

The UMW collected donations for the TOOLS & BLANKETS Program again this year.  $90 was collected.  Thanks to all who donated to this project.

"Through the TOOLS & BLANKETS Program, congregations and groups around the country reach out in compassion to people in need in more than 80 countries.  Simply said, the right tool at the right time can make a world of difference in the lives of a family or a community.  You can be part of that rainbow of caring:

 $25 can provide five warm blankets for a family left homeless by a hurricane in Florida

$100 can buy fishing nets and equipment for a vilage cooperative in Bolivia

$175 can shelter an extended family of disaster survivors in an extra-large tent

$250 can provide a sewing machine to a widow learning to support her family in Afghanistan

$5,090 can drill a well and bring clean, safe water to avillage in Malawi

Please give generously to the TOOLS & BLANKETS Program."

Information provided by Church World Service  Additional information available at