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  September 2018  
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2,458 people groups in the world do not have Scripture portions or audio recordings available in their primary language, comprising 154,000,000 individuals.
World Thank Offering

The World Thank Offering offers an opportunity for individuals to respond with a spontaneous gift of gratitude for the abundance and grace with which God has filled their lives, for a special event of joy, for strength and support in sorrow, for life, for community, for love, for God's world, for God's promises, for God's gift of Jesus Christ.  God's presence in the special moments of day-to-day living is celebrated by sharing a measure of the blessings with others.

Monies from the World Thank Offering help support world and national mission programs of the church, as well as mission education and leadership training experiences for United Methodis Women.

World Thank You Day was observed on Novemer 10th at the UMW Meeting.  World Thank You Offerings were collected from October 31 through November 14.  The total for this year's offering was $136.00.